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Hello and thank you for visiting Innovative Ideaz, Inc. We are Web 2.0 specialists with a passion for high performance e-commerce websites, small to large business web design, SEO, Android & iOS mobile applications and any form of internet marketing you or your business might need!

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Did you know that Web 2.0 has been in existence for a few years now? Check out our Web 2.0 page to get current details about Web 2.0!

Is your ranking on Google getting worse or simply not where you want it to be? Here are a few insight details that might help you out…

  • Domains that are regarded “Key Word Domains” were at one point in time very useful for getting your website in target index position, though recently Google regarded these as a form of “cheating”. Needless to say, ranking well with these domains now is nearly impossible! Call us we can help…
  • Is your website encrypted properly? Most would say, “Sure!” or “How can i tell?” Well… here is a link that will help you out. Qualys SSL Labs
  • You will need an ipv6 internet address in order to correctly be prepared for Web 2.0! Want to know how you can check if your website has one? Go to Qualys SSL Labs and run their SSL test and look at the test while it is running, you should have 1 -4 different tests being ran on each “ip address”. The v6 ip address is a group of 6 alpha numeric characters, in sets of 2, also known as HEX. Here is an example: “85:c7:94:ff:e7:89” We use a minimum of 1 v6 and 1 v4 dedicated ip address per domain we host.

Web 2.0, Website Hosting, E-Commerce & Cyber Security

About Us

About Innovative Ideaz, Inc. Web 2.0 Website Development

Innovative Ideaz, Inc. was formed April 5th 2017 by a man named Christopher Bettis. After noticing the lack of standardization and an overall low quality in every aspect of this huge and growing fast industry I decided to form a team of the best and most educated, yet aggressive partners i could find.

Well the day is May 18th 2017 and I’m happy to publicly announce my two new partners Chuck and Jim! Welcome to Innovative Ideaz, Inc. The three of us corporate officers contain a critical  form of expertise, each with our own unique and powerful skill set, I predict that we will create many new successful additions, not only for the internet but for society as a whole. Like a well oiled machine.. We are providing a complete new level of quality and professionalism, no matter what the challenge is… we are a force to be reckoned with… we are… Innovative Ideaz, Inc. Stay tuned…..

Web 2.0, Website Hosting, E-Commerce, SEO



Services – Innovative Ideaz, Inc. – A New Internet … A New Game, If you want it done right.. call us! (941) 312-1468

Its more than just a website…… its Web 2.0 done right!

Look around, everyone claims to be a pro web designer.. well we have a serious grudge with all that noise! We spend much time sorting through competitors website meta data looking to see what everyone is up to and if they are following correct protocol and we unfortunately find ourselves griping about the fact these guys are even be able to sell websites to the public. That’s why we are setting our own Google recommended best practice standards. Example: AMP mobile, Page Speed optimization, non spammy SEO practices, etc. Basically Google just wants a safer, faster and more humanized experience on the internet. Sounds good to us and that’s why we spend a lot of time following their every recommendation rather than trying to get those fast dirty results that end up screwing the customer down the road. We are a bleach white hat SEO corporation and always will be.

Web 2.0 Website Design & Development

We are an industry leader providing only the finest and most creative developers of all kinds. Each of our in house developers have a bachelors degree and a minimum of 5 years in the field. When it comes to creating a product that is built to last and run stable on bleeding edge technology, our only option is to hire the most cunning, creative and educated employees we can find.

E-Commerce Web 2.0 Website Design – Magento Magic

Yep we use Magento for the base of our E-Commerce websites for a good reason. It is the most rock solid solution possible that will support both small and large online stores at ease. Also the end user experience is much smoother than let’s say our other platform of choice, WordPress. Sorry WordPress we still love you 🙂 It’s just that having to depend on those back breaking and site breaking major updates of Woo Commerce just isn’t working for us and definitely isn’t happening for our clients. We provide you folks with nothing but the best and always will. Let us take the headache out the internet and that way you can focus on your sweet new startup or classic running strong business.

Quality Checkers on every developer workstation

The way we have things laid out here at Innovative Ideaz, Inc. is pretty slick i must admit. We traveled to other countries where they simply take this business dead serious and watched  and learned quickly why they are able to work magic in this arena. NOTE: Unlike popular belief, these “3rd World Countries” are more like well trained and hard working professionals on a mission to work hard and they are so happy to do just that! Sorry America, the popular belief system is bullshit. We better catch up! We like their strategy so much we use it ourselves. One developer, one graphic designer and a quality control specialist per station.   We utilize mobile application stations, PHP stations, AMP stations, etc…

Going back to how other web designers in America do things..

Have you ever noticed most website designers here in America run the entire operation with maybe two or three different “specialists”?  Well this is why some produce pretty websites, some produce many cheap websites, some even believe that they are running their show efficiently with a one man show. This is a ridiculous joke, this business done correctly is wicked challenging, changing every day and problems can come by the thousands if your not careful. Now that every business in America depends on their website, they also need to have a good quality platform that has been hand crafted and color coordinated with everything from the color scheme to the code done 100% PERIOD This is no one man show folks.

We host our own websites for a reason at Innovative Ideaz, Inc – Web 2.0 Hosting Done Right…

We have developed our very own version of NGINX that is pushing TLS 1.3, Web 2.0, Special Cache Purging Design, etc. and runs on Amazon’s ever so beautiful AWS platform. We simply would never go back to any other setup ever. The security is dead serious, their design is simply amazing. When it comes to getting things done right, Amazon takes the gold. Sorry Google but we wouldn’t touch your cloud solution if our lives depended on it. Amazon takes the gold hands down and any that argue that Google’s solution is better, are simply under educated and/or misinformed

The million dollar problem of Web 2.0 and the way we see it….

Brings us back to NGINX, the reason why they are superior is because they were the first to offer solid Web 2.0 without having to resort to hacky and unpredictable methods of installing and maintaining the necessary components included in the “full” Web 2.0 package. One of the biggest problems also is the fact that CPANEL / WHM , the largest and most popular web hosting panel for website management (NOT FOR LONG), do not support NGINX!!!! They still cannot connect to remote database servers correctly and their EasyApache 4 software is as buggy as the day is long… That’s why we are 100% Plesk supporters and that is what we use and that is what our clients want once they taste our recipe.

Wrapping things up….

The following cpl links are a cpl websites we manage that anyone in doubt of our logic we would like to test out themselves, go ahead view that source code… check out those ASYNC scripts and style-sheets, but please don’t forget to run those links on the following testing websites and tell us what you think. Please drop by our blog or social media outlets and leave us a comment or two, our contact form is always available or even blast off your opinion on our blog. We love to listen to what others have to say about this exciting new direction the internet is going, Web 2.0…….

The Tests We Trust

  • SSL LABS – SSL/TLS TEST – Notice the fall back ipv4 & ipv6 NECESSITY
  • HSTSPRELOAD.ORG – Many aren’t even aware of this super important best practice approach.
  • GOOGLE PAGE SPEED INSIGHTS – If you aren’t in the green you aren’t gonna do much with SEO nowadays, that’s a fact!
  • WEB 2.0 TEST – You better believe if your not on Web 2.0 by now then you better start getting ready for some serious let downs all across the board very very soon…. We warned you!

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Web 2.0, Website Hosting, E-Commerce & Cyber Security